Digitally connecting non-desk workers

How one employee app reaches every non-desk worker at Fortune Brands


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Fortune Brands got connected to deskless workers and made their intranet obsolete with one employee app.


Fortune Brands Home & Security (FBHS) is a big company with many different kinds of workforces. The internal communications team had a handle on reaching their corporate office, but they had no digital channel to reach their 10,000 deskless workers.

The solution was a unified-but-localized approach: a single employee app that would have corporate news, but they'd empower local teams to experiment and publish content that was local-only. This, combined with providing critical info and file sharing access within the app, made the app channel popular and got more attention to internal comms. Fast forward a few months and this channel has completely replaced their corporate intranet.


What you'll learn

  • Criteria and selection process that FBHS used for a new communications solution
  • Tactics for app rollout and sustained adoption
  • How FBHS decided to shut down their intranet and replace it with the app


Guest Speaker

Jennifer Rataj

Senior Communications Manager

Fortune Brands

Jennifer is a communications professional with 10+ years of experience enhancing organizations’ images to external and internal audiences. She is a creative, persuasive and organized leader with exceptional ability to manage high-stakes projects, direct vendors and associates, handle confidential information and maintain flexibility.