Building a Case
for Mobile

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How to justify and raise support for a mobile employee communications app

You know the significant value mobile brings to reaching and engaging our employees, but how do you get started with a mobile app project? The most important first step to success is to justify the project to your leadership and get their buy-in early. To do this, you’ll need a well thought-out business case to pitch to your executives and stakeholders.

This practical how-to guide walks you through 6 steps to building a business case for an employee communications app, helping you:

  • Focus your efforts in the right direction
  • Gather the right information for a business case
  • Understand what it takes to gain crucial support from leadership

Download this comprehensive guide, How to Build a Business Case for a Employee Communications App, to learn how to:

  • Determine your mobile project objectives
  • Gather employees’ challenges and communications needs
  • Know who to involve and what questions to ask
  • Find the real ROI for a mobile project
  • Collaborate with other business owners
  • Scope the primary use cases of your app

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